Monday, January 08, 2007

Great Day. Post #2 for 1/8/07

Oh my gosh it was such a great day! On my break I wrote the 1st of today's posts (had to wait until I got home to publish it though). Then I met and spoke to Barry Manilow! A co-worker came upstairs and told me he was shopping in the Red room and I ran my ass down there to check him out. And there he was looking at the book Bush on the Couch. I got really shy and instead of being a regular, nice, normal person I walked past him and said "wow you're a lot taller in person" and he said "umm thanks...I think." Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

A couple hours before I went to a good noon meeting and heard some incredible honesty. I love how raw & humble folks can get in 12 step meetings sometimes. Anyway soon after I met Barry Manilow I ran upstairs to tell co-workers about Barry Manilow being in the building. That's when I ran into my new Friend who I was pretty excited to see after we spent most of our working hours together the night before flirting and talking about the & films we love while completing various tasks. I was hoping also I'd run into her because she's a DJ & has a very wide range of musical tastes & I knew she'd be excited to meet Barry Manilow. So when I told her She got all excited & rushed down with me to meet him. I went back upstairs to wait & chat with another worker and when my Friend came back she was as happy as I was. Only she was cooler than moi as she actually introduced herself & shook the mans hand. Ahhhhhhhhh!

New Friend & I went off to a little corner to chat and figure out what we're doing together this weekend after our mutual Barry Manilow moments. Around her my brain feels a bit like a scrambled egg & I walked her downstairs forgetting I needed to finish up work upstairs. So we parted ways & I went upstairs and stopped one floor up to chat with a couple co-workers. My one co-worker was like "are you wearing blush?" And I said "honey I wear blush everyday." She said "You do because your cheeks are all pink and they never look that pink" and I pretty much repeated my first response to her. "Really because your cheeks are all pink and your all glowing" she smirked. I realized what it was and told her the woman I was talking to I had a big ol' crush on. My co-worker said "oh that explains why you too were smiling so much and you've never looked happier." Oh my gosh. This is all very strange because my last relationship ended recently and I did not expect to feel anything for anyone for a while. I always thought if I were ti be single again I'd want to ask my Friend out. And she confessed last week she had tried to ask me out 4 months ago but found out I was starting to date someone else and backed off.

Needless to say at this point I'm cautious if not wary in the realm of romance. My track record is terrible. Worse is my time single has been short. So with that, this thing that's going on between my Friend & I is going to go slow. People seem one way because that's the way they want to appear or you want to see them a certain way and then boom, this person is not what you thought. I can say this for about 9o% of my relationships. So I need to check this girl out & find out over a period of time who she is and what she's about. I need to take that time because I can't always see the truth (because I don't want to see it) of a situation until some time has passed. And truthfully my best relationships always have happened slowly. So that's where I'm at with that.


I wanted to highlight a few updates to my blog. I have added a BOTM (Blog Of The Month) in addition to the Website Of The Month (WOTM). This months picks include the blog Reappropiate. The woman who does this blog is really inspiring and smart about race issues and in particular Asian representation in the media. The website is the Green Belt Movement. Environmental activist Wangari Maathai is helping to empower men & especially women in Kenya by planting trees. So check out the BOTM & WOTM in the sidebar. You'll be glad you did.

One other change is I'm now featuring what book I'm currently reading. Right now it is "What is the What" by Dave Eggers. The book is incredible & I love Dave Eggers even more now. More on that book later.

One last plug. Yes it's Racialicious related. New Demographic produces the blog Racialicious. They or maybe I should say she, Carmen Van Kerckhove also produces a podcast called Addicted to Race. The last episode of Addicted to Race was really good. You can listen without even having an iPod here. You'll thank me later.

Okay that's enough out of me! Peace!

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