Thursday, January 25, 2007


It's been a reasonably enjoyable day off. Tired though from not getting much sleep last night. And no I wasn't up all night *doing* *it*! Though I was up with my lover we chatted and laughed our asses off with...oh ... it's bad.......bodily function stories. Poop, farting, belching and other grossness were the topics for a great deal of our past Midnight chat. I think she was mighty impressed that I can fart at will. She laughed so hard she cried. It was pretty funny.

We also talked about trust and honesty. She suggested that we "be true to ourselves and each other." Sweet, simple & to the point. So we embark on the journey of not just sexual but emotional intimacy. A friend once said intimacy can stand for into-me-you-see. I like that.

So I put some new links in the sidebar. OurChart and TheThink are the new WOTM & BOTM's of the month. I must admit I really like TheThink but I just read this post and am rethinking linking his blog to mine. He says at the end of his post:

"Anyway, food for thought. Are Blacks more homophobic than other races in America? I don’t know, but I think some Blacks need to calm down when it comes to all that “No Homo”nonsense.
It’s stupid. Grade F stupid.

And I shouldn’t even have to bring this up, but I am not gay, never have been. Frankly, I find most men to be disgusting as dingleberry pie to look at or be attracted to. I think women are just about the most beautiful people on Earth, spiritually and physically.

I need them; they complete me. But just because I think gay sex and a gay lifestyle is gross doesn’t mean that gays should be barred from certain freedoms."

WTF? Gay sex is gross & the gay "lifestyle" is gross? Just what the hell is the gay lifestyle to him or gay sex for that matter? His viewpoints on race stuff are pretty refreshing so I'm disappointed in his idea of not just there being a gay lifestyle but that whatever this so-called lifestyle is is gross. He's young and I don't want to be ageist but perhaps he just doesn't know much about queers to know what he's talking about. What you you guys think? I offered in a comment to dialogue with him about this. So we'll see. For now I'm linking him but with trepidation.

Speaking of this dude he wrote an awesome article on Barack Obama being AWB- Articulate While Black. It was featured today in my oh-so-favorite racially delicious blog Racialicious. Check out the article here.

Speaking of black stuff I bought a new black bra today. I had to because Lily freakin' ate my bra. I wear a 32DDD and my bras are very expensive. Needless to say Little Lil' and I to had to have some space the rest of the day.

Here is a pic of my poor beautiful $60 bra that I can't even fix because of where the holes are. Anyway I got one today that is the exact same damn thing but black. And if you're a lady you know how freakin' taxing it is to find a really good bra. There's the fit thing first & foremost. You don't want your boobs to bubble up over the top or have the back so tight there are rolls of back-fat on the sides of your back. Then it's always nice beyond fit to have a bra that's pretty and comfortable. It is very hard to find this and I'm happy to say Wacoal has supplied me with wonderful bras that have been beautiful, fit well and comfortable. This bra is my particular favorite & what I purchased in black today.

Well I think that's enough from me today. Happy Thursday y'all!

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Zee said...

It's funny how everyone's body's just a bit different. I've not had a lot of luck w/ the Wacoals, but I'm rather fond of this bra from LeMystere. It's called "gigi" and I don't know why I find that humorous. I've also heard that you're supposed to get a bra that's snug when it's on the loosest hooks so that when it stretches out you can use the tighter hooks to keep the fit snug longer.

I didn't learn about that until recently so my next shopping trip's going to involve finding a bra that fits well that way. Maybe I won't have to buy new ones so often! I hate the stretch-factor!