Saturday, January 27, 2007

The big "O"/bad jokes/pics/redo update/whatever the hell else I can think of this morning!

The Oregonian had an interesting article on race and "humor" yesterday. Read it here. Apparently this guy in Newport, OR decided to share with his Mexican-American co-worker a column called "Ask a Mexican." The guy who showed the column was eventually suspended for racial harassment. Racialicious had a great post in late December about the new trend of Ask-a-(some type of minority) articles. I'm not entirely sure what I feel about these columns. They seem to try and dismantle racism while upholding stereotypes at the same time. Humor is subjective and this ask a Mexican may very well, through humor, help open eyes around various isms.

In a interview with author Paul Beatty, he noted that what is funny to one group of persons may not be to others. This is where the whole free speech issue comes in. If folks justify trying to deal with racism by using using humor that feeds into stereotypes where do we draw the line in who we expose to this type of "humor." Just because it makes one person laugh for whatever reason they do doesn't mean someone else won't find it terribly offensive. And so if one makes these jokes they must be prepared for any consequences and not be mad if others get mad. Yes we have free speech, but we also have consequences for that speech.

Okay so speaking of humor that may offend- here are 2 very bad jokes:
Q- How do make Martha Stewart scream twice?
A- Fuck her in the ass & then wipe your dick on the curtains.

So bad! Okay here's another:
Martha Stewarts 3 helpful hintos for taking charge in the kitchen:
1. Fuck them in the ass with an egg beater
2. Make them lick it clean
3. Hand wash my curtains bitch!

I know bad. But I laugh anyhow!
So I decided to take theThink off as my BOTM. It's been replaced by Rachels Tavern. She's a QWOC (queer woman of color) that has a most awesome blog that mostly covers social issues of race, sexism & homophobia. Check it out! Also added as to the blogs is ham & cheese on wry. She's a NY dyke that is simply very funny. Thanks to the friend who recommended her blog. I now read it every time it's updated. Also you may notice yet again I have changed the look of my blog. I love variety and so will probably change the look of this thing often. But I want to give a big thanks to Zee for my last header. This new header I created by taking a free-share photo & editing the section of it I liked for a header. Photo cradit to Tracy at unprofound. Last but not least the colors blogger allows are pretty limited so I found the yummy color called "going down" on COLOURlovers. I used it for the links as I wanted something bright. It's color #D1045A

So tonight I'm going to my 1st ever cocktail party. If I've been to them before I was too drunk to remember or they were NOT classy enough to call it that really. I'm a little nervous as I generally don't like going to places where there's lots-o-booze and I'm likely to be the only sober person. So I've got a pal who will leave her phone on in case I need to call and I have another recovery friend who is willing to go with if need be. My new ladyfriend is DJ-ing the event which is why I'm going in the first place. I told her though I may just make a cameo and take off and she supports that so it will hopefully be alright. My attitude is the focus and I'm just trying to look at the situation by what I can bring to it and how I can helpful and take care of my self. There you have it.

So here's info on the pics in today's post. The 1st one I took this morning making this face and quite frankly I think I look silly & hot. The 2nd happened again this morning. I was on the phone with Zee and I saw my cat Bebes in this corpse type pose and had to take a pic. He's such a cute baby! The last photo is Lucy, a teacup chiuaua. She belongs to Satan and my ladyfriend and is very cute and very fussy.

Peace y'all!

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