Monday, January 15, 2007

Yay and MLK Jr. Day

Are you looking at my blog? Oh gosh yes you are! Notice anything different? I know it's cute eh? A big big thanks to Zee for creating the header. The Daschund looks just like my little Lily. With the lovely header I needed to figure out how to get it on this blog. Thanks to Google I found this. And yay!

Well I'm still quite tired despite getting 10 hours of sleep last night. I don't even know what else to say on that.

Today I walked in a Martin Luther King Jr. march. It was great! Sisters of the Road sponsored the march and you know they make some really great cookies. Today I felt so very grateful for Dr. King and his wife Coretta. If it had not been for them & the others who joined in the movement for equal freedom, I may not be here. My parents may not have ever got together. Perhaps I'd have to drink from a different fountain then some of my friends. Maybe I wouldn't be able to work and love as freely as I do. I thank God for Martin & Coretta. Things can still suck, but my goodness, because of Dr. King I can do something about it.

One thing we can never forget when it comes to prejudice: as King said "whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly." This is the truth for those of us who are minorities. We are still suffering the affects of slavery, marriage inequality, and brutality. And I believe one day this wo'n be the case. All will be & feel free.

Happy MLK Jr. day to y'all. We shall overcome!

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Zee said...

Looks great, even if I'm saying it myself! ;-) Glad you're enjoying the new header. Loved your comments on MLK jr; he is such an inspiration!