Monday, February 19, 2007

First Things First...Again

Has anyone else had this experience. The Winter holidaze come and you allow yourself for that glorious month and a half to eat like a pig because you know it's the holidaze & you'll get back on the horse in January. But of course in January everyone is still running on fumes from the prior month and a half and so folks are baking pies, cookies and and other sweets & bringing them to share with...YOU. So you say okay I'll just eat this treat and get back on the horse tomorrow. But you find suddenly that it's a little past mid-February and you still have not lost that 5 pounds you gained from x-mas and your body feels all crappy from eating like shit. Well this folks seems to be where I'm at.

So today (just for today) I'm going back to my normal, happy, healthy & cheaper ways of eating. I've got brown rice in the rice cooker as I post this, am drinking green tea with nettles and had sprouted grain bread with natural butter and jam for breakfast. Lunch will be brown rice with onions & broccoli and dinner is TBA. I just can't take eating crap anymore because I know I can bounce back at some point in the future. And what is worse is eating out and eating poorly all the time is fawking expensive too. So there you have it.

Also I'm in a state of first things first with my brand spanking new girlfriend. That's right I'm now a taken (not token thank you very much!) woman. A good friend kindly reminded me last night that I said I was going to wait 6 months before being anyone's girlfriend and yes I did say that. But arbitrary time-lines never work for me cuz I always break them. So whatever. Anyway my new relationship status means that I'm in a place of needing to really pay attention to my body. Not that I don't have to do that when I'm single, but I tend to the co-dependent side of life and can get lost in relationships. So I'm just putting this out in the Universe that my body, heart & soul come first. That by following what I need to do to take care of myself comes first. And that is that. Happy dead prez day!

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Sara said...

Sorry for the long delay in commenting, I missed the change of address, but found it thanks to Zee.

I hear ya on the extra 5 pounds, once I get back to London I'm going to "get back on track" or so that's my plan, we'll see if it really works out that way or not - lol.