Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Long but Good Day

Today is a bit of a long day for moi. I write this post on my lunch break. Started off the morning getting up extra early for a faith/labor breakfast in NE. Portland. It was really great to hear a few fundamentalists say that gays were not as big of a deal as justice for people. I did wonder if they were talking about the people they thought deserved justice, but sometimes I'm cynical. One priest spoke so well & with such conviction for equality I nearly considered going back to Mother Church. But ya know the whole gay thing and not being able to swallow all those goofy scriptures kinda prevents that. Anyway it was great to network and learn. What I got most out of the breakfast is the idea that faith needs support and action. This is very much key principals in recovery, the labor movement & faith based political action groups. Very nice I say. Very nice!

Tonight I'm doing the author intro, which I'm excited for as it's a woman of color. Her book got good reviews so I'm even more excited. Hope I don't get nervous. It's funny but since I've been doing author intros I notice I'm more nervous with smaller crowds than big ones. Go figure!

After work (if I last that long) a co-worker & good friend of my girlfriends (ooh I love saying that!) is playing at a local club & so we'll stop in a listen to his very pretty singing. La tee da!

Speaking of good music I discovered Oddisee recently. Give him a listen here. Propa is my favorite song. That's it from me. Peace!

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