Thursday, February 01, 2007


I've got that post sex body-light-as-a-feather feeling. I normally wouldn't share such a thing so publicly but it's my blog and it's just such a lovely feeling so there! Almost a month & a half into this new romance & I'm just feeling really good today about it. Don't know what tomorrow holds. But just for today all I can do is sigh and say YUM! Admittedly I'm being more cautious with my ladyfriend. Not because of her. Just it seems my picker has been very broken in the past & I've had some very shitty relationships. Many that seemed to start off well and with much gusto. What I like about this time in my life is that I can be really excited to get to know someone and even have -gasp- hope that we may have something really good that -gasp- might last and still say to myself most especially "I'm not ready to be a girlfriend." Weird right?

Maybe not. My best relationships that lasted the longest had slow starts that focused on the friendship first. They both also oddly were thinner than me and had brown hair & eyes like my current lover. Bizarre! Anywho I like that when she & I chat it's not "oh yes when we do this & this" it's like "I'd like to do that with you sometime." I dunno it's just really nice that we mutually dig each other and don't need to rush into commitment out of insecurity or whatever. It oddly makes me feel freer to be excited.

For today's Black History Month feature here is a link to hiphop/rap crossword. The other feature a link to a website that has info about the DVD The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till. If you don't know who Emmett Till is then you better go find out. PBS has a decent intro to his tragic story.

Peace y'all!

Peace be with you Emmett!

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