Monday, March 12, 2007

Mark Morford is a Rockin' Dude!

Thanks to Zee for turning me on to this guy. Mark Morfords latest really spoke to me. It's essentially about change and I for one am ultimately a fan of it. Never at first do I like change because as I've mentioned before I'm a creature of habit. But I always love improving, getting closer to the Goddess of my (mis)understanding and feeling the refreshing burst of joy that comes from going to the next level.

"You gotta be a little bit fearless. You gotta a be a little bit crazy, a little bit uncertain, a little bit Britney with how you dance with the energy. And you gotta notice it when you do it. Here's the trick: Those things that you feel most terrified about releasing, that seem to contain your entire identity and without which you wouldn't fully recognize yourself, well, maybe they should be the first things to feel the razor: jobs, cars, hair, photographs, bedsheets, houses, ideologies, religions. To what do you cling? What holds all your fear of change?"

"Trim it. Paint it. Rearrange it. Burn it honor it love it remember it and then, maybe, shave it. Shave it all. See the bare, lumpy, gorgeous scalp underneath. Then regrow at will. What, you have something more important to do?"

I'm applying this logic to my finances. It's high time to change and build something beautiful and new with money. I can use my finances as a direct & constant way of showing myself love & honor. I can trim away the attitudes toward $$$ that don't work and grow into a responsible person who is not enslaved by materialistic notions but celebrates fiscal responsibility to build a future where I can take care of myself & possibly a family and the community around me. That's something that excites me. I don't need a fancy car & 300 iPods to be happy and I don't have to use my money for those things. I can use it for love. Love of myself & the things that feed my spirit, not some gross American idea of success that feeds only the ego.

My Rob Brezsny horoscope for this week is also good inspiration. Finding the solution in a problem and be guided by that is a good thing. So here we go...


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