Friday, April 13, 2007

Love & Happiness

Was listening to some Al Green this morning and thank goddess because I was starting to think & we all know that ain't good. I got to thinking about this whole Imus thing. Then I got to thinking about the co-worker who complained about having to learn about white privilege & I just started to feel bitterly angry. This happens from time to time. As a QWOC how could it not. But for me I know my anger helps no one (especially myself) unless I take peaceful, happy hearted action. Why take such a seemingly whimsical approach to the racism, sexism & homophobia that swirls around us? Because if I don't I'll explode and that will help no one.

Sometimes people of non-color seem to think that POC have issues. That POC are bringing up the "race thing" for no reason other than to make PONC (people of non-color) feel guilty. They wonder why we bring up our color, our experiences, our pain. Well quite frankly we wouldn't bring it up if ignorant white dudes didn't feel it necessary to remind up of our "place" in American society. That if we play basketball & were Black women were simply nappy headed ho's. None of those women on the team said "hey were going to bring attention to ourselves and issues of race by calling ourselves derogatory things." No it was a white heterosexual middle aged male who felt a need to talk shit about a group of women who only want to play basketball. These women had no political agenda, yet here they are smack dab in the middle of having to remember being a Black woman to some folks means being an ugly slut. That's what nappy & ho translate to.

And on a personal note why the hell should I have to listen to some white guy complain about having to deal with his inherent privilege. Why should I be reminded that some white folks think racism is my problem, when I never brought up the damn topic in the first place. Yeah it's my problem they want to talk shit about folks of color, queers, women and so on. Yeah it's my problem when they say something stupid & I have a feeling about it. Yeah it's my problem that they are racist. No it's their problem. And I'm not going to take on anyone else's problems. After all I go to al-anon.

So I could sit here & stew about the injustice of it all. That when white folks say racist things it's funny and when I confront them on it I'm just being a "sensitive" girl. But I say fuck it! I'm not going to let anyone's ignorance kill my spirit. I'm gonna thrive and help others to thrive. I'm not going to give myself a heart attack from the stress of injustice. I'm not going to scream & hit & hate. What works best is to first & foremost love myself and be happy. I'm going to be happy no matter what some fool thinks of me or the folks like me. Even if it's my own people. Then I'm going to be of service. Tell my truth and hope that in doing so others may suffer a little less at the hands of intolerance & prejudice. And then I'm gonna relax. And every time some a-hole feels a need to remind me they think I'm less than human I'm going to grow stronger in love & joy. I'm going to know that much more how lucky I am to not be one of those people. I'll know I'm free. QWOC's I believe they hate our freedom. Our freedom to shine in the face of their wish to crush our spirits. Let's not let them take it!

Here's an awesome link called How to Suppress Discussions of Racism. Learn it & know it well.

Some are pissed about this Imus thing because they think it was just freedom of speech. And I agree that freedom of speech is essential. With freedom comes consequences though. Yes we can say whatever we want. That is our right. We are also free then to take whatever consequences that come from what our words present & represent. If I call my boss a name, I may get fired. I'm free to say something mean & free to get fired after I say it. It's very silly to expect that there are no consequences for our words & actions. So when I hear someone get upset that Imus got punished I'll remember that in a free country he was free to speak & free to learn what his words can teach. I sure hope he & his ilk will get that someday.

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Rhea said...

Imus should have been fired years and years ago. Freedom of speech does not protect hate speech.