Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"I'll Never Leave"

Photo courtasy of unprofound

The three words I've longed to hear my whole life. Finally said & I believe her. There are no guarantees in life & in the end I must stay open to the remote possibility that what I want in terms of my love life may not be the Universe's will. I'm willing to accept that. I have to because it's only through openness that I found this woman. But I do hope. I have faith. After giving up & trying again and again I've made peace with my romantic past & am ready for whatever future I'm to have.

In love all I truly want is a spiritual connection. Everything else is secondary. My ladylove & I match so well. We fit like we've been together for so very long. Being in love is great. And better yet, she won't leave. Call it co-dependent or whatever but I needed those words to put my heart as ease. There is peace today. Tomorrow is out of my hands and I'm okay with that because I now know love. I know to never give up and to keep believeing.

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