Sunday, April 29, 2007

That's It. I'm Movin' to Canada

Well not quite yet but after reading an article in the New Republic about a truly vile man named Andrew Roberts visiting the "White" house I'm convinced it's time to look into immigrating. If you wish to read the article I suggest you Google New-Republic-Andrew-Roberts and then click. If I gave you the link you'd have to subscribe. Anywho I found the article via this great post by Too Sense. Good lawd I just don't know how much more I can take. Why are people like Roberts invited for a cozy visit to the WH when there is so much real work the prez should be doing. *Sigh* This shows even more just how aligned the current administration wants to be with imperialism. It's just all so gross. Pardon me while I have a pessimistic rant. I just feel like one day some asshole like bushwhack is going to get in the office of "da people" and round up all us brown folks & do bad things. I know I know. I promise it's only temporary paranoia. I just really question this country sometimes because of our brutal history. I mean manifest destiny was taught to be a good thing to so many youngsters & you can ask any Native person if it was good. The answer will be NO.

Okay I'm done being negative. Do I believe things can get better? Hell yes. The only constant is change right so that means things have to get better at some point. There is so much more America can be. It's about not giving up. But first things first. Self care. And if living in a country where racists are given carte blanche to the WH I may have to live where it's a little less stressful (though not perfect, as no place unfortunately ever is or will be) so I can continue to fight, breathe, listen & teach.

Okay so on to something kewl. Listened to an older episode of Addicted to Race and it's a very good show & you can connect to it here. Anywho a woman named Claire Light was a guest and she talked about mixed race issues and she said some wonderful stuff. I'll have to re-listen to the episode to give her multiracial. Also a great quote from Claire. Here it is. Enjoy y'all!
Now is the time for us to really recognize what the roots of racism are, which is a fear of cultural difference. It's not a fear of skin color difference. It's a fear of the cultural difference skin color points to. And that is all about the fear of difference period.


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