Thursday, April 26, 2007

Something New!

I'm now writing for another blog (in addition to this & my sex blog) and just made my first post. It's TTL The Lesbian Lifestyle and you can read my first post on TTL here. I've been thinking about writing there for a few months & now the time seems right. It's a blog for lesbians to share their stories & such and I'm excited to partake in a e-community of lesbos.

Last night after having a truly filling and slightly mediorce meal at the Sizzler my gal & I got home & got quite upset about something that my roommie brought into the home. A motherforking ugly azz couch. After ranting about it to Zee I just had to lay down and not throw a fit. I mean geez talk about pool problems! Soon I figured out I'm totally PMSing and after confessing this to my ladylove she suggested I scream. To let the anger out. And I burst out with what she called "a truly blood curdling scream." And then she said he thought I needed to do it again & this time she covered her ears while my high pitch scream filled the house & frightened the dog. Even after that she knew I had more & got me on the floor with her & we threw a big ass temper tantrum and I even ran around the house screaming "fuck your couch!!!"

Let me say this: meditation has it's place. It takes the edge off. Prayer...really good too! And now I'm going to add the occasional temper tantrum to let anger out because I felt a world better after yelling & swearing and jumping around like a total fool.


Zee said...

You can rant to me any time! Glad you were able to work out some aggression about the couch. It is pretty hideous. And you know, screaming and throwing a tantrum sounds kind of fun! ;-)

Kelly said...

Welcome to TLL. We're happy to have you!