Thursday, April 19, 2007

Yeah the Shooter was Asian...What does that have to do with Anything?

So on Racialicious I made a comment off a post about how now that we know the gunman was Asian what would the backlash be based on his ethnicity. Here's what I said:

I hate to add yet another comment but here goes…

I find it interesting that the “settlers” & “pioneers” who immigrated here illegally caused the greatest amount of carnage this country has ever seen. Not only that were still very much affected by the brutality of people who are considered “founders” of this country. If only background checks could have been done then…

Bringing this young mans ethnicity & migration status into this tragic event only takes away from what in my humble opinion is the heart of the matter- violence. Regardless of this persons background his violence is a reflection of a culture that embraces violence. We love/hate violence here. And everywhere I suppose. All humans are capable of great beauty & great harm. No one is exempt & to pretend that race, nationality, gender, sexuality or anything else has anything to do with what folks are capable of is silly & defeats progress to peace.~F
Posted 17 Apr 2007 at 3:40 pm

I know I have more thoughts on all this but I'm pretty tired & fighting off a potential cold so I'm just going to leave this for now. I just wish some folks didn't feel a need to get all racist & shit when something awful happens. It's not like when a white person commits a crime on this level you see POC saying out loud "we shouldn't let white folks into the country" or "see how those white people are." I mean maybe we think this at times & historically it would be fair to feel that way due to the great atrocities done to POC by whites at the "beginning" of the US of A. But we don't get broadcasters to speculate on how whites or men or whatever are a force of terror. And that folks is privilege in a nutshell. Peace!

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