Monday, April 23, 2007

Let Go

I met with a woman who I'm taking the steps with this past Saturday. She gave me a lot of papers to read, all good stuff. As we chatted she told me a story about what another woman had told her about letting go. The woman told her that when she worries she imagines a balloon growing bigger & bigger as she thinks of the situation. She puts her fears into that balloon and then imagines it floating away, all the fears with it.

This weekend I imagined little things that annoyed me or concerned me or whatever & saw in my head balloons with the words Let Go or Let it Go on them floating in the sky & I'd feel free of the issue. It really works! The truth is no matter how much I try to use my thinking (or obsessing) to change something, what seems to work best is acknowledging the feeling, letting go and then doing the next right thing. Simple! Not so simple is the journey to get to this point. I've worked reasonably hard to get the feeling of serenity I have in this moment. And I realize recovery is a very long journey. Today I can let go of how long it takes to finally let go!


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