Saturday, May 19, 2007

My Girlfriends Breasts

Okay I know this may be a crass subject but I got permission from the girlfriend so I can write about this. My girlfriends boobs are awesome! I'm not kidding they are such a fetching pair of boobies I can't help but just gaze upon their glory at times.

Last week I requested she give me her bra size. She does not know the exact size as she only wears sports bras but I'm thinking she's a B cup. In other words a lovely handful of boobie goodness. I wear a 32F so needless to say we really don't need another set of huge tits in our relationship. Her breasts are refreshingly delightful and despite their relative smallness compared to mine, plenty.

Her nipples are perfect in size, shape & color. And the breasts themselves have a firm yet soft shape that feels oh-so-good in my hands. What can I say I love breasts & hers are luscious. I can't wait to hold her tonight & feel her lovely titty tartlets upon me.

BTW here is my favorite Banksy image. Enjoy!Peace!

1 comment:

brownfemi said...

well, that's TOTALLY not fair to tell us how beautiful they are and then not let us SEE them!!! Or at least have a sqeeze or somethin'. :p

have fun tonight!!! :)