Monday, June 25, 2007

Our Beavers are the Best!

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Because I didn't follow the OSU Beavers during the year. But as a pervy dyke I can't resist being able to say that for us in Oregon, our Beavers are the best! And that Oregon's Beavers are the best in the US.

Oh my gosh I am right now sucking on the most sour thing I've ever had in my mouth. A extreme sour apple Warhead. Goodness it's better but that was terrible! Now it's finally sweet! Yum yum.

Okay so I've been kinda stressed lately. And the annoying thing is it's all good stuff, but apparently stress whether it's good or bad has the same effect on the body. At least this is what my mommy says! So I shant complain a lot but perhaps a little because I can. Went to a great 12 step meeting today & someone said something cool. Since we're not supposed to repeat what others say in meeetings I'll summerize.

God has three answers-

  1. Yes

  2. Yes but not now

  3. No but something better is coming

That really helped me as I found myself before the meeting trying to think my way into knowing what to do about my living situation. I know by now the "brainstorm" as we call it, doesn't work. So I prayed, listened to the song Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve and got my ass to a meeting. And voila... head is better. Now it feels a little more like this...

Photo courtesy of unprofound

Peace y'all!

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Sara said...

I'm still amazed I got G rating, but maybe it's because I say arse instead of ass and say f***ing instead of fucking, you'd not have thunk that beaver would be so bad ;)