Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My 1st Necklace & Feeling Emotionally Shitty

I made my first necklace last night. With the help of a great teacher at Beads at Dusti Creek & some willingness to spend money & get into a new hobby the piece above was made. It's chocolate pearls & these kick-ass glass beads with a few seed beads. It was a lot of fun & I have to complete a couple more projects & then I'll have another private class & learn how to make earrings.

Knitting is fun. I know I'll knit again. But it is also monotonous & lacks a bit for me in quickness & creativity. Beading was a bit more fun because It's cool to put colors together & figure out patterns of beads. Plus I get to get into use my natural obsessiveness to make details in the string & use my hands & tools to finish the piece. I'm a hands on kinda girl. Hehe!

Yesterday I hit a wall emotionally. I felt like a computer that needed to simply shut down & re-boot later. Went to bed at 6pm & only woke for an hour to talk with my beloved & then went back to bed. Mercury is certainly retrograde in Cancer because I feel like all things home related are just wacky as all get out.

My partner & need to live together soon. It's actually more stressful living apart than together. Those are words I never thought I'd say! The trouble is that we're mutually a little broke due to going on vacation next month & her place needed no deposit so we need to save for deposit on a new place. We found an awesome place that we're filling out paper work on tonight. It's a 2 bedroom town home with over 950 sq. feet and hardwood floors. Plus it's totally affordable! But we may need to borrow $$$ to get the deposit paid off immediately.

My home life at where I'm currently residing isn't much better. My roomie & I seem to have differing opinions on a household issue & too boot we communicate differently about things. I love her & hate having any strife especially when she's out of town.

So I came home last night & felt utterly hopeless. Just broken down emotionally & unable to do anything or think about anything. Knowing that I'm PMSing helped. Knowing that there is a solution & that it will pass helped too. My mind & heart know all will be well. So I just went to bed, to overloaded to do much else after my beading class.

Today I ran into a very sweet & squishy friend who gave me an amazing hug. I can't believe how much better I felt within my own body after that. Thank goddess for recovery because if you hang out enough, little angels angels find you everywhere!

I did chip a tooth today though. Hrumph!

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Zee said...

Oh boo - mercury in retrograde, roommate frustrations, PMS and a chipped tooth? Sounds like you deserve to feel emotionally shitty!!

Know that you are loved, however, by many people. And I'm sending a virtual hug your way!