Thursday, June 28, 2007

Waiting Game

It's my 1 day off this week today. Got a call from a realtor saying she'd be by between 10:30 & noon to show the house I'm currently residing in that is also currently on the market. While my roommate is in NY I'm here dealing with realtors who leave all the lights on before leaving & wondering if they'll let my cat outdoors to get hit by a car. Mercury is so farking in retrograde!!!!

The realtor who called for today never showed up. I woke up for nothing. My urge was to call her and say something like this even though it's very much not true:

"Ummm excuse me but you said you were coming by noon today & I have some casual sex scheduled for 12:30pm today so can hurry up & come here so I can." Wouldn't that be funny to say? I didn't do it but I certainly felt like doing it!

My partner & I are also waiting to hear back on a rental we're really interested in. We checked out one of the townhomes next door that the neighbors kindly let us walk around in & it's super great. The townhouse we want has hardwoods & a fireplace for a bit under $750 per month. Not only would I personally be paying less rent but I'd get to go back to the neighborhood I love (North Portland a.k.a da hood). So at this point everything is simply in God/dess's hands & I personally have no choice but to surrender & stay in reality moment by moment.

I'm off to chill. Peace!


Zee said...

GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Some people's kids, I tell ya! Sheesh. As if you have nothing better to do than sit around and wait for Her Heiny-ness The Realtor to NOT show up.


Gah. Grr. ARGH.

(OK, there. I did the yelling for you!! ;-)

FrancesM said...

Thanks for your sympathy! It sucked but at least I had the rest of the day to my self. :-)

Sara said...

just goes to show they get paid way too much so that they don't actually care about their job! btw your potential new place sounds fantastic