Monday, July 02, 2007

Curiosity Vultures

Amazingly great post on Racialicious by Wendi Muse about the "what are you?" question. In the comments was a link to an answer someone gave as to why mixed race folks get offended by other's curiosity.

A post I did in May about the what are you experience led to an ending of knowing someone I had at one time been closer to. A debate ensued at that time around whether the curiosity was anthropological in nature. We went back & fourth & I much felt the familiar pangs of being asked a question by someone in a majority position and then being completely discounted when I give a heartfelt answer. Something minorities go through a lot. I wanted to be open minded however to this person's assertion & asked someone who is a leader in the anti-racism activist community & also multiracial.

I asked: "Is it possible that when a stranger comes up to me or any other mixed person & asks "what are you" that it's anthropology as a motivation?"

The answer: "...what if I went up to men of different races and asked how long their penises are? But you know, I'm just curious from ananthropological view?"

I think that sums it up. Peace y'all!

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