Wednesday, July 04, 2007

You are Free to Kiss my AZZ

Happy 4th mofo's! I'm bleeding like a freshly killed pig, need to take a dump & have to start work in a few minutes so this post will be short. My plans to celebrate my independence as well as yours is to feed a dog, deposit a check & go up to the Burnside Bridge with my girl & make out under the fireworks! Thought I'm wearing a multicolored Carole Little hippy dress, I am wearing a red, white & blue button that says Support our Troops. Bring 'em home *alive*.

In other news I'm adding a pod casts/vlog (video blogs) favorites to my right hand column. Check out my new favorite Ill Doctrine by Jay Smooth. It's a fresher take on hip hop & dryly funny. Plus Mr. Smooth is kinda cute! Yes I still appreciate the fellas so hush up! Also check out the latest podcast of the first & still favorite podcast I listened to: Addicted to Race. The latest episode is on celebrity adoptions.

Photo courtesy of unprofound

Have a safe 4th!

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Jay Smooth said...

Thanks for the link! hope you're still enjoying the site :)