Monday, August 20, 2007

A Mostly Shitastic Monday

Well I'm glad to know I'm not the only one having a crappy Monday. Zee over at Rathnait gave me inspiration to do a little rant of my own so here goes...

  • Slept like crap. So I overslept & missed my Monday 12 meetings. Also had strange dreams.
  • Felt like my partner was rushing me so we could have coffee together & in the midst of that I couldn't find my keys. Since I just moved in everything is still a mess & as I looked through things to find said keys crap was falling all over the floor. And at the same time my cat was underfoot meowing like a fiend.
  • The garlic I've been using to clear up my yeast infection (oh joy!) is not working so I went to a drug store to get vaginal goop & realized at the checkout I'd left my debit card at home.
  • Spilled coffee on my shirt on the way to said drugstore.
  • Had to work with my shirt soaking wet for the 1st hour.

And that was in just my first 2 hours of the day! I've been doing a lot of attitude of gratitude Jedi mind tricks & it's helped enough to not take out my crap-o day on anyone else. But sometimes bad days happen. It's okay cuz most likely tomorrow will be less annoying.

The good parts of today include...

  • My sweetie making me a quesadilla for dinner & treating me to pizza for lunch.
  • Figuring out that I want my wedding dress to have a silhouette that is A-Line, a V-neck & an empire waist
  • I actually got some work at work done & I get to go home in less than an hour.

That's it from me! Peace!


chatnoir said...

lol! your rants are quite funny, i read pretty much all of them. It seems like you are really enjoying your life so far and keep those fingers crossed for you.
I enjoy reading funny blogs.
Idaho seem so far from europe lol!

I hope the 2 of you will habe beautiful baby and that this year will the one fo the best.


Sara said...

in trying to focus on the positive, since I'm a week late in reading this, I'm glad you figured a few things out about your wedding dress, that's wicked cool, can't wait to see it!!!

Sara said...

oh yeah, love your expression "shitastic" gonna have to try to use that myself :)