Friday, August 03, 2007


As some of you may know I'm from Minneapolis. My partner called me while I was packing to tell me about the bridge collapse on Tuesday. Needless to say I hung up from our conversation & called my mom. All the circuits were busy. I tried over & over again between my mom's home phone, cell phone & my grandmothers for an hour before I was able to actuall get through my mom's home # & leave a message. She called just a couple hours later saying she was okay (she works in St. Paul & lives in Minneapolis & the bridge connects the two cities) and that we thinks the rest of the family was too.

The event reminded me a bit of September 11th when a dear friend had gone to NYC on holiday & would up stuck there for days I did'nt know if she was okay. That friend was that day. However a couple years later she took her own life in an overdose. I still miss her.

Anyway I feel so sad for the tragedy back home. Divers are still pulling people out of the Mississippi River. Living in a Bridge Town I have reason to be concerned about Portland's safety. For today though I my prayers go to the family & friends of those who died so tragically.


Zee said...

So glad to hear your mama and family are ok!!

It's SO sad how this happened; makes me wanna weep...

Erica M said...

I didn't know you were from the TC. Glad to hear your family is okay.