Sunday, August 05, 2007


is where the heart is. And my home is with my beloved. That being said I'm all moved in & domestically partnered now. Our first night with all my stuff in what is now our place was last night. It was a night full of everything a home life with a partner should be: a little kissing, a very pointless argument over where a Cat Stevens poster would hang & a movie with Jack Nicholson being basically evil (The Departed). Ahh love!

Seriously though I just felt so damn content this morning. I'm so in love. So happy to finally found the woman it seemed like I had waited for, for like ever. We work in the same place & live in the same place & I still miss her when she's not around. Don't get me wrong here. I like my space. I am an only child after all. But my girl is such an amazing, true & fun person! And the best part is that before we got together I laid down the ground work to be able to be with her & be good to her & myself at the same time. Not an easy task for a recovering drunk!

Finally I'm ready & able to love while walking somewhat gracefully through the fear. Finally my heart is clear & open to true love. Our love is epic. That may sound egotistical but it's true. Our romance is more than just about now. It's about forever. How very grateful I am to the powers that be. I'm committed to her & to us. Now if only we could organize the bathroom!


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