Monday, October 01, 2007

Oh Effing Great!

Well this weekend in Portland: From Infoshop News:

Portland, Oregon – The Hammerskin Nation, a neo-Nazi skinhead organization, aims to attract hundreds of hardcore racists to the group’s twentieth-anniversary
celebration, to be held October 5 – 7 of this year in the greater Portland area.

And guess what? These lovely folk are being encouraged to stay in hotels & with other racists in SE Portland where I live. Woo hoo! NOT!

What's funny is I've already had folks at work (all whites) warn me to "be careful" this weekend. I appreciate their concern but am I supposed to hide in my house all weekend because some whack-a-do's have a problem with my skin?

Back in the day I would have been frightened or angry. In fact for a long time I wouldn't step foot in my current neighborhood because I knew from reputation & experience that neo-nazi skinheads lived there. They all eventually went to Baja, CA supposedly & I have ceased to have any other run-in's with these extremists.

And it's not apathy that keeps me from being upset about their upcoming gathering here. It's just that I can't live in fear & anger anymore. I can't let some a-holes rule my life & lifestyle (ie. gliding around SE Portland with our 2 and a half pound dogs in their doggie stroller). Yes there may be risk this weekend in being hurt or even killed. As these folks promote violence. But I'm not going to run for cover or freak out. I'm just gonna keep on keeping on. Anything else would not feed my soul.

I think a revolutionary thing to do is be happy. And I'm happy & need not flaunt it nor hide it but simply believe in the love that made me & walk in this world knowing that all goes the way it does. Even the things I don't like. No I don't like these people coming to town. It's like the opposite of Santa. But I remain grateful that I can overcome my own moments of hate and fear & have faith others can too.


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Tom said...

Run for our lives. The Racists are back in town. I have a special place in my heart for Portland. All those goody two shows love every body types that were thrilled when Morris Dees paid David Mazella to lie about Tom Metzger.
But thats ok Metzger had bad thoughts anyway. He deserved it.
So please excuse me for not having much sympathy for my critics.