Sunday, September 09, 2007

New Look

Howdy all! If you are a reader of QWOC you'll notice some changes to the look. I really loved th ol' template but decided it was time for a fresh look and to mix it up a bit but not too much. The header was made with the lovely & free program myimager and I got the colors for the face of this blog from colourlovers. Unprofound is my favorite freeshare photo place & that's where that great color bubbles image came from. All these sites are free and you can do some pretty fun stuff!

I decided to tone down the pink tough I love it. I just want to make this blog as readable and user friendly as possible. And I felt the pic in the header was more representitive of the focus of the blog itself. Don't ask how though because I can't explain that.

Lastly I've added a couple new links to the sidebar. One I should have had for a long time but kept forgetting to add was Pam's House Blend. The other is one I just discovered called The Real. A very funny vlog. Check them out! Peace!

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