Monday, September 10, 2007

When White Privilege Goes Really Really Bad. Britney Spears at the VMA's

Last night I did not watch the VMA's (MTV Video Awards). Instead it was pizza & porn for my beloved & I. Porn???? You gasp. Well don't get too excited as it was a documentary on John Holmes that included some of his porn & we could only get it from the porno section in Movie Madness.

Anywho tuning in to my favorite gossip blog Jezebel I wanted to see how the whole Kanye West Vs. 50 Cent thing might have gone down at the VMA's. What I forgot was that Britney Spears was opening for the show. And oh-my-gosh what a nightmare.

Many seem to think she was terribly out of shape. For the record I didn't think she looked so bad at all. Yeah her body wasn't all super tight but I think it looks better than mine thank you. If my body looked like that I'd wear a bikini to work everyday! Anyway her body wasn't the issue for me as much as her lazy ass performance. You can see it here to see what I mean.

Gimmie More?!?! Yeah gimmie more is right because she barely moved at all. She seemed bored or scared or something. I feel kinda sad for her and quite frankly think her career may be over after this one. Her best bet at this point would be to go to Kansas, buy a farm, raise her kids & ger herself together for the next 10 years and then make a stunning comeback. Brit if you're reading this, please go now. You'll thank me later.

Why do I even care about any of this? Because I like watching train wrecks and it takes my mind off my other problems.

So Kanye West said something about all this that got me thinking. Though I do think he's a hack in many ways from crying about getting snubbed at the VMA's to calling mixed race women mutts, I did think it's interesting to note that perhaps Brit did get to where she is in part because of her aryan appeal.

I can't believe that if Mary J. Blige had acted the way Brit did and too boot hasn't had any recent hits, I really doubt Mary would have opened for the show. Mariah Carey certainly performed after her meltdowns but open she did not. The whole thing just trips my white privilege trigger in a big way. But of course we all know the entertainment industry like most thinks in this country are whack in it racist crap.

So it was really rather funny when in a Jezebel post about the VMA's they noted Britney's crappo extensions and how it was the first thing you saw when her "performance" started. It said "this is what a nappy headed ho looks like." Bah hah haha ha.

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Zee said...

She almost looked like she was afraid to move on stage - like if she moved too much her mic would fall off or her boobs would pop out of her bikini top.

Or maybe she was just afraid? I dunno... But as someone who's performed on stage a number of time (though obviously not in the way Brit has) I can tell you that the first time out after not having performed for a while is FRIGHTENING. Seriously - doesn't matter how well-prepared you are in advance. I always end up with a "just gotta get through this" feeling.

Anyway, it was not an inspired performance but I didn't think it was miserable, necessarily. Just not up to her previous intensity/skill. (And I agree with you - for someone who's had TWO babies she looks damn good.) I also wonder if she'd do better changing her approach a bit - I mean, she was young when she first made it big; now she's in her mid-20s and a mother. Maybe doing what she used to do isn't the right move...

Anyway, just some observations. Must get back to work!