Friday, October 05, 2007

Captian Kirk Wishes You a BIG Happy Friday

My beloved & I have been watching old school episodes of Star Trek. I've never been into to sci-fi & now it seems I'm turning into a Trekkie. Seriously I love OG Star Trek more than CSI & so that is a big deal.

What I love about old Star Trek is how campy it is yet so ahead of it's time. Plus there's usually a mystery or action or drama or all of the above in every episode. And Captian Kirk... awww geez he's so manly. And oddly enough I like it. And Mr. Spock is the coolest cat in space. My partner & I have decided that I'm most like Dr. McCoy & she's (of course) most like James T. Kirk.

Anyway I also like that there were some political & spiritual pieces to the show that were really thought provoking. All in all I give the OG Star Trek a 10 out of 10.

Live long & prosper!

P.S. I took that pic w/ my camera phone from the TV. That's why it looks funny.

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Sara said...

darn good photo considering it was the telly & camera phone!