Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Inspiration & Striving for Equality

I found the below passage to be an inspiration. It reminded me of my own dealings with oppression.

It's been interesting seeing some people's reaction to the Panhandling for Reparations coverage. I know there are many who read the article & felt inspired, happy & simply acknowledged. Others I knew would view the performances in a totally different way. Though I was unprepared for the nation wide coverage I was also unprepared for the backlash of racism toward Black folks that was spewed from Internet comments.

Writing things like "they're just gonna use the money for 40's" or "they already have reparations. It's called welfare" was at best troubling. To sum up our whole intentions and performances in such a way is obviously disappointing. But I remain grateful that conversations are taking place that were meaningful to many people. I believe in that & will keep on doing the work that needs to be done for all minorities in the United States to have true equality.

"At first I was passive, let one man saddle me and ride for a while. He laughed at the illusion of my weakness. But I suddenly rose up and bucked him off and broke his arm. Another man tried to ride me, but I threw him and so many others, until I was lathered in sweat and blood from their spurs and rifle butts. It was glorious. Finally they gave up, quit, and led me to the back of the train. They could not break me. Some wanted to kill me for my arrogance, but others respected my anger, my refusal to admit defeat. I lived that day, even escaped Colonel Wright, and galloped into other histories."
-From the story "The Trial of Thomas Builds-The-Fire" by Sherman Alexie

Peace y'all!

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Diane J Standiford said...

The stupidity and prejudice of humans is exceeded only by their utter denial of the reasons for it: historical oblivious and self-righteous superiority.

"The time is always right to do what is right."
Martin Luther King, Jr.