Sunday, October 21, 2007


Well if any of my wonderful readers have noticed I haven't been blogging much lately. I'm back from yet another cold but this one turned ugly and landed in my lungs. Bad for me as I have asthma & not being able to breathe well is well...uncomfortable. I woke up Wednesday morning to standing in the kitchen after feeding the dogs only to realize I was wheezing and my lungs felt tight & in pain. Off to urgent care my partner & I went where I was prescribed the oh-so-tasty Prednisone but didn't have to go through the Nebulizer treatment which tends to leave me terribly achy muscles for a week after.

What kept me from having to take the Nebulizer was something I learned in Asthma camp (don't you laugh!) when I was 11 years old. I drank some hot coffee and by the time I got to the doctor I still had some wheezing but could actually breathe. So kids remember if your having the onset of an asthma attack take your inhaler and drink some strong ass hot coffee!

Anywho I'm too busy today to wax philosophical on much of anything including Reparations, Marriage Equality & of course Britney Spears. So instead I present pics of our oh-so-hammy chihuahuas Lucy & Sydney. These girls have stolen my heart & despite the fact that they still pee on the floor sometimes (they have tiny 12 year old bladders) they make life full & warm.

A tender and maternal moment between my partner & Lucifer. Yes that's Lucy's real name. If you knew this dog you'd understand. But seriously as demanding and totally Aries like this chi-chi is she is also a lovey dovey pooch that always makes you feel better when your sad. Or just screams at you until you snap out of it!

Two hams making funny faces at the camera phone. What happened to posing? Who cares as long we get attention!
Sydney! The far sweeter of the sisters, Syd has a heart of pink gooey marshmallow. Seriously she will just follow us around & lick, lick, lick the carpet. I swear she was a totally lesbo in a former life. But really I hate to play favorites, so I won't except to say that Syd rocks my world! She's sweet, protective & very intrepid. Her only downfall is a faulty bladder that leaks onto out carper a couple times a week. You could take this dog out on the hour every hour (and we do) and she'll still eventually piss on the floor. Oh well you can't be perfect.
Well that's enough from me. The dogs & I wish y'all a happy week!

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