Sunday, November 11, 2007


Remember the post I did a while back about how excited I was to get the Cunt Coloring Book? Well I have 4 lovely cunts I colored that I'm showing off today. You may not find it a proper post today but hopefully you'll find it beautiful. Okay here we go...

Kewl huh. Anyway speaking of lady parts my doc isn't so sure I'll be able to have kids. At my annual pap last week she noticed that my uterus doesn't flop around (and wave it's hands in the air like it just don't care) as a normal uterus does. It's quite hard from scar tissue from endometriosis. If I can't have kids from my cooch that's fine as I know I'd love my kids whether it was from my body or not. It was just a bit of a bummer to think my body may not function so well. Though being as tired as I feel today I know my body doesn't always function well at times. We'll see, hope is not gone for birthing a baby. It's in HP's will & not mine!

Well I'm off to watch Chris Rock movies and do laundry. Peace!


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