Monday, November 12, 2007

NaBloPoMo is Making Me Dumb

I swear since I started this round of NaBloPoMo it's as if all the meaningful shit I want to blog about is alluding me. So I'm not sure if I'm even going to continue because I'd rather give some substance that half assed whatnot on a daily basis. Since November I'd say I've written three quality heart felt posts. The rest have basically been filler. Though oddly most of the filler has been stuff I'd write about when I wasn't doing NaBloPoMo, but in the tradition of harsh self-criticism, I feel the "filler" is too fluffy for some reason.

There just isn't a lot I have to say publicly at the moment. I must be glad though that it's not quite half way though the month and I've already posted about 2 out of 3 subjects I wished to address. So that's good.

With all this belly button gazing in this post I'll wrap it up. Just know QWOC readers (if you're still with me, it's been quiet on the comments) I'm trying to make this a meaningful, funny and honest space. And if I don't feel that's happening then I'm not going to continue publishing stuff that doesn't feel "authentic" to moi. Failure can be an option. If Jay Smooth can keep his integrity and admit defeat, shiiiiiiit, so can I. So tomorrow I don't know if you'll see a post. But know if you do, no matter how silly, gross or sassy, it will come from the heart. If not, I'll try and discover some new blogs & report back. BTW here's Jay's latest from his lovely vlog. Peace!

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Jay Smooth said...

i tried again this month and i just can't do it, lol.. i think every other day is my max. so hard to defeat that inner perfectionist.