Thursday, November 08, 2007

Date Night

My sweetheart & I were in need of a date. To my surprise we spontaneously had one last night & boy was it great! After looking at the movie section of the ol' Willamette Week I saw that there was a horror comedy double feature at the Clinton Street Theater and called my beloved to see if she wanted to go. She said yes and we made plans for dinner before the movies.

The plans for dinner fell through though in a the best way. We were going to go to the grocery store and make hot dog roll ups but instead decided to use a coupon we got in our mailbox for the queer owned restaurant Wild Abandon. We went in time for their happy hour so we got our meals for even cheaper, but let me say there was nothing cheap about our food. My love had a burger because she is a burger connoisseur. It was very good and though it didn't come with french fries as she's accustomed it came with a most delicious side of au gratin potatoes. I had the baked ziti.

For some odd reason I thought it would have tomato sauce as I usually prefer that to cream sauces. It had a creamy 3 cheese sauce and despite my usual distaste for such creamy madness this dish was amazing! I mean I still can't get over it. Their ziti was hands down the best meal I've had this year! It had tender scallops with the noodles and buttery bread crumbs on top. I think you can look at a pic of the dish here. I couldn't stop raving or eating the dish despite my ever increasingly full stomach. And when the noodles, scallops & bread crumbs were gone I grabbed a spoon and tried to scrape every last bit of the cream sauce out of the bowl. Truly this was a dish to write home about and for the rock bottom, happy hour price of $8 bucks. Cannot wait to have it again!

After our fabulous meal we were off to the Clinton Street Theater for a double feature of the films Murder Party and Blood Car. Both movies were fun but Murder Party was our favorite. Blood Car had a few good laughs and had a definite political message about U.S. Americans addiction to fuel. There was a scene where the protagonist was a vegan yet eating meat ribs that was a hoot. And the very last scene was frighteningly funny. Murder Party won me over because it was really funny throughout and had some serious scares. So many of the characters were ridiculous and yet very real. And the movie did a great job of making fun of avant garde art scene which as someone who has been in the art world, was happy to see that others got how phony some of the folks can be. If you're into comedy and horror I highly recommend both films but if you could only afford one, go with Murder Party.

After the films we walked home in the fog before Midnight. It was a dreamy kind of feel hearing the trees abandoned leaves rustle beneath our feet and not being able to see further than a block away. It was one of those evenings where I was not only grateful to not be by myself, but more than that, I was grateful for the wonderful person on such an adventure with me. It makes life that much sweeter!


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