Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sydney Melts the Heart

This little tea cup chihuahua is the apple of my eye many times a day. She's got the most gentle doggie soul except for her jealousy. She really puts the lousy in jealousy. Oh and she pees on the floor fairly often because the tiny 12 year old bladder doesn't function so great & though I take her out every 1-2 hours, I still wind up spot treating piss with Bac-Out the worlds most awesome cleaning solution. Anyway beyond her little messes and vicious snarling at her sister Lucy sometimes, Syd is a peach.

One of the things that makes her so special is her adventurous attitude and willingness to go anywhere at any time. Another thing that's great is her ability to be venerable and cuddle super close to the face. She'll lay right in my neck and it's so friggin sweet! Well that's all from me today.

Peace y'all!

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