Monday, November 26, 2007

Getting Ready for December

As I've noted before I'm totally in the Spirit of the Season this year. I'm excited for many things. My birthday being one of them. This year I turn 33. Perhaps it's the Catholic in me but because I'll be the same age Jesus was when he died, a part of me feels like this will be a really powerful year in my life. So this birthday I continuing a ritual I do every year. And that it to nurture myself with a lovely & kind of expensive gift. We get a bonus check every year for the holidays at work & since I've been getting caught up (at long last!) with my finances, I can put these dollars aside as I always have.

In prior years my m.o. is usually an activity of some type that I do alone & completely for my self. In years past I've had a facial, gone to Seattle overnight for a concert, had an expensive dinner, went to a basketball game and other fun things. This year I'm celebrating another year of life by having a goddess day and taking part in something called "The Ritual." It involves 2 1/2 hours of massage, mud bathing, cocoon wrapping & an herbal steam bath. It's a treat that I deserve & am really looking forward to. It's hard sometimes for me to be a little selfish and spend that much money, but all people deserve some pampering.

It was quite an Internet journey to find the right place for this spa experience. Some places were near my home but had terrible reviews. Others were overpriced or didn't offer what I was really looking for. I knew more than anything I want my entire body to be surrounded in warm, goopy comfort. I want to relax & renew & I finally found the place that seemed a match after calling three locations. I hope it's a nice time & will report back on my goddess day.

Speaking of Goddesses I found some quizzes on this subject & I thought I'd share. I know these are not comprehensive quizzes and besides Goddesses are hard to put into little neat packages but it was fun to discover some tidbits.

The Goddesses I am most like are Persephone, Artemis & Oshun. Try the Which Goddess are you Ruled by quiz as well as the What Goddess Are You quiz.

If any of you take the quizzes let me know what goddesses you are! Peace!

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Diane J Standiford said...

The link didn't take me to a site (just a UK) I am a warrior. Aries with Mars rising. Hot! And luckily my partner of 28 years is a Leo, Lioness. Hunter Diana caught a lion. Happy Birthday