Sunday, December 02, 2007

Brief Break/Hot Sex

I took a brief blogging break for several reasons.
  1. I had a nasty sinus infection that made me too tired to think.
  2. I was on my period & could give a rip.

But I'm back now & should blog every other day or so as usual.

So since I couldn't finish NaBloPoMo I figured my readers deserved a treat. Here it is y'all. A sexy sex tale. And a real one at that!

So my beloved & I had recently gone like, a whole freakin' month without really getting it on. We made out of course & had a couple attempts at coitus that didn't work out due to what was going on with my crotch. We had a few mutual masturbation sessions but no real doin' it.

The reason was that I had something called Bacterial Vaginosis. It's not an STD but one can get it like one sometimes. Which WAS NOT the case with me. I just simply had too much or too few of the right/wrong bacteria and had an unpleasant infection. I knew something with my cooter was not quite right so I made an appointment with my doctor. Which had to later be cancelled. It was rescheduled and then had to for some reason I can't remember reschedule again!

Finally I had my appointment and got diagnosed & was prescribed antibiotics that of course wiped out all the good flora or whatever I needed for a happy vagina & gave me a severe yeast infection. And as the horrible infection faded I then got my period. Then I got sick. Needless to say my sweetheart & I were due for some serious body slappin'!

So last night at long last we had some time alone. My sinuses were under control & nothing funky was in my crotch whatsoever. The funny thing was despite all of our affection & sweetness during my month of hot crotch I felt terribly shy yesterday. And she did too because we had that whole looking at each other smiling, then looking away thing that happened when we first got together.

After flirting and talking with desire behind our eyes she asked me if I'd like to make out. I of course said yes because my mama didn't raise no fool. Candles were lit, lights turned down and dogs were put to bed. I sat on our cream colored couch waiting for her to sit by my side. When she did I felt tingles run through my arms & chest and had the excitement of a first make out session in my quickly beating heart. Our kisses were tender & slow. I made sure to breathe in her air & focus my attention to the feel of her lips upon mine. My whole body felt like a live wire of sensation because when she put her hands upon my back to hold me closer, I felt the energy of those hands into my calves and feet.

After a nice long session of kissing mouths, necks, arms & hands we got frisky and started nibbling at each other and groping with closed eyes for each others breasts.

I realized after a while that I needed to pee and so I smiled into her brightness and went to the bathroom. It was nice at long last to know that I was a-okay for whatever our night may bring us sexually. And I was damn wet too!

We eventually moved to our bedroom and with our open eyes close to each others and our hearts even closer, we finally made love. It was passionate, playful, intimate, yummy, long lasting and soulful.

At one point we held onto each other chest to chest so tight and for so long that I felt emotional. And when she was at last inside me I wanted her to stay there forever. Best was coming together while we told each other we loved one another. It was a lovely night. One of our best yet. And definitely worth the wait!

Peace y'all!

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