Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lights Out!

My partner woke me at 4:30ish am this morning to tell me "something weird is going on." And goodness it was. We had a blackout in our home. The clock I set to wake in for work was dark faced. The microwave clock was off. Everything in our home was quiet & dark grey. Looking outside we saw that it wasn't just us but as far as we could see from our windows were a lack of street lamps lit and not houses with any lights on whatsoever. Off we skulked through our neighborhood to discover where the light stopped and started for our neighborhood.

Soon we were back home putting items for the fridge in the freezer and setting my alarm on my cell phone to wake me for work. Then at 7:30am we heard a kind of pop and what do you know, our home was running again. A strange night indeed. Here's a link to a story a local news station did on it. Anyway I woke up very grateful an hour later for the electricity to be running again. Grateful for the ability to pay the light bill so we could have lights in the first place. And also grateful for the home in which our electricity ran. BTW here's a silly pic o' me. Peace!

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