Friday, November 16, 2007

Meat, Wheat, Dairy, Sugar & Soy...oh Boy! The Foods I Need to Avoid to be Healthier

My favorite food is pizza. My favorite pizza is something most folks find disgusting but I love it. It's the Chef Boyardee Pizza Kit and I love this pizza with an unholy lust! It's got more preservatives than you can shake a stick at but tastes out of this world! And if I have to streamline my diet I don't care what anyone says, I'm keeping my boxed pizza!

My endometriosis is kicking up again quite severely. It's been almost 5 years since I've had laparoscopic surgery for it and I had hoped that it would cure the endo forever. It certainly was better for a white. I still has pain but I'd say I was 70% better overall. Now though I'm very tired all the time again, have pain just about everyday and the worst is that it's affecting my sex life. No details on that other than that my partner & I may need to find a shorter dildo. That's right I said it: DILDO.

Anyway one of the best ways to combat this disease is with diet. Obviously what's best for almost any illness is best for anyone. Lots of fresh fruits & veggies, organic everything, good oils & the elimination of bad fats, less meat & caffeine & sugar, and according to some less soy. Like with any illness there is always someone who got the answer. From people who know nothing about it and ask if you've tried acupuncture to those who want to sell you their miracle cure. So I need to spend sometime researching again & listening to my own heart.

Regular massages, Castor oil packs & certain vitamins all help too. But I know from experience that when I eat well I feel better. A big duh right? Last night I got hit upside the head with saddened about my fertility & what this disease has been doing to my body all these years. I went to pee, which when having endo can be painful to the bladder, sat on the toilet & out of no where started sobbing. I usually know before I'm going to cry but this tear fest came from out of blue and lingered with me until my partner put me to be. There is now way to know what the future holds. If one day I'll no longer have a uterus. If I'll be able to reproduce successfully. If I'll beat endo & help others to as well. For now I'm grateful there are paths to health & that I am not alone.

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Amadeus said...

Have you ever tried Ayurveda? There are many sources on line if you don't already have knowledge of it. I have eliminated these same things from my diet that you are seeking to avoid.

As one who was pretty addicted to all of the above, I found that Ayurveda recipes and eating for my Dosha helped knock down the cravings. That coupled, of course, with meditation and exercise has kept me on an even plain.

My partner who has similar food cravings has found the recipes help keep her more balanced as well--eliminating bingy feelings.

If you are a cookbook person The "Modern Ayurvedic" has alot of easy, very tasty recipes. Here are a couple online links. One for your Dosha:

And another for Recipes:

Good Luck!