Monday, December 17, 2007

2 Great Podcasts

Recently I've found 2 awesome podcasts I'd like to link y'all to. The first one is called The Positive Hip Hop Podcast. There have been about 8 episodes so far and each one has been pretty good. Topics include social & political change via hip hop, spirituality & racism. In less than an hour each episode offers some of the best hip hop from true artists, fresh perspectives and music you may not have ever heard before. If you're a big fan of truly good hip hop & all encompasses, for the love of god, check out this great podcast.

Also another terrific podcast is local Just Out journalist Julie Sabatier with her podcast on revolutionary Do-It-yerself projects called Destination DIY. I learned in the last episode about at home funerals. Who knew you could bring a loved one home after death to cleanse them & even bury them in your homemade casket! Episode 21 was about kids creating their own structure for their education. Who knew one could even do that? Anyway the show is well done & provocative in modern quirky way. Hey you, yes you, go check it out.

Peace ya'll!


Julie Sabatier said...

Hey, Frances, thanks for the shout out! Even though the Web site is, the show is actually called "DIY, Portland." I'm having a listening party for my latest episode all about DIY Sex on Thursday. Check my blog on the site for details. If I don't see you there, have a happy holiday!

ms.cripchick said...

i pray every night that furia will update his podcast :)