Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Year!

Today marks one year since my beloved & I hung out together for the first time. We didn't know then that a mere 5 months later we'd be engaged. We didn't know we'd fall so in love that we knew we wanted to not only spend the rest of our lives together on this earth, but in the great beyond as well.

I was just coming off the heels of one relationship & very much not looking to start anything with anyone. Though I was saddened by the break up & remained hopeful & grateful for the opportunity to learn yet more about myself in that coupling. In fact the person I had been seeing was not so sure about breaking up & I felt confused too as these things are hard. But I knew in my heart it was over.

What was most wild was that while I was with this former lover, the last couple months of our relationship, my coworker and pal was beginning to distract me terribly, but not in any kind of sexual or romantic way. We just had such a great time talking with each other every Sunday at work that at times I had to stay late to correct mistakes I had made from our intriguing conversations. I began to wonder why, week after week I was having such a hard time staying on task at work when she was around. And being the good addict I can be, I decided to ignore it, in effect a state of denial, because after I had a girlfriend and I don't cheat (anymore).

My sweetheart and I went to Crush and got approached by some dude that was the brother of the DJ. Finally we made our way to Holocene a smoke free club in town for a night called Double Down, a lesbian themed event. Despite the fact that my sweetie & I can't stand typical lesbian bars and dance nights we decided to take a chance on it. We didn't dance much because the DJ wasn't very good. But I had requested "It Takes Two" by Rob Base & we did get down for a few moments. Later another song came on that she really likes & so she danced on her own as I tried not to stare at her.

There was no helping watching her on the dance floor. The way her body moved reminded my of many things and I found myself utterly enchanted. It was the first time I really looked at her as a sexual being. It was the first time I realized I could very much make love to this woman. And I found myself overwhelmed & temporarily at a loss for words or thought.

More than that moment of attraction was the ease in which are relating took place. Though we both were nervous we found a way to talk to one another and share things we hadn't shared with others before. We were more than getting along. We were connecting.

And the rest is history as they say. Soon to follow were slow kisses, hungry sex, talking for hours on the phone, meeting her mom, getting engaged, moving in together and so much real, spirit filled love. So much laughter and so much fun we have! I can't thank the powers that be enough for bringing this amazing creature into my life. How very good it is to at long last have, as Mary J. Blige says real love. Here now are some words we exchanged today. And a couple of goofy pics. Peace!

Happy 16th! This is the day that we first hung out together and look where it lead us. I am happy that we are taking this path together and I look forward to our future as a couple! You are my other half and I am so glad that I found you. I love you Frances! Your Wolfie

My best friend & best lover-
I'm amazed by our connection. The last year means more than I can say. So glad we took a chance on each other a year ago. To our future together and the grace of the universe to guide us along the way.
Your Little Bear


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Lovely! Mabrook, as we say. Congratulations.