Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm Three Three!

Well it's my brifday today. And I forgot to brush my teeth this morning. Celebrated my birth this morning with a small cup of coffee & a vegan donut.

Interesting thoughts went through my head as I got ready for the day this morning. Flashbacks or memories or more accurately thoughts about flashbacks & memories. I thought about what my birthday was like last year. The celebrating up until the actual day was pretty good. Then that day I got told something really uncool about a certain area of my body. I've let go of that resentment for the most part. But it's still kind of a shitty memory.

Also in my mind this morning was my dad. Yes I'm one of those folks who has "daddy issues" however I've worked on those that generally I'm not haunted by them anymore. For the reason I suppose of reflection that anniversaries and birthdays bring, I thought of my dad. How he has missed out on many a birthday of mine. How are birthdays are days apart & that it would have been interesting, had he not had an anger & cocaine problem, to celebrate our days together. But that was not meant to be. And to be honest I'm grateful for a life without him. The idea of a good dad in my life is nice, but my real dad would not have been so nice.

And what a better gift than to know, with the examples from above that, sometimes what may seem bad is the best thing for you. If I had not had that awful comment spoken to me, I may not have gotten together with my partner and soulmate as soon as we did. If it had not been for my father's whack ass-ness I may not have become the strong woman I am. I would not have worked so hard to love myself & others and have compassion combined with good boundaries. So this birthday I'm grateful for gifts in disguise.

In the tradition of last year here is my solar return chart. Peace y'all!


Zee said...

Happy Happy Happy BIRTHDAY! Love you, Fran, and wishing you all the best today, with nothing but amazingly brilliant and insightful comments that make you feel fabulous!


Diane J Standiford said...

Hey, Happy 33! I always celebrate my b'days by taking the day off work and being alone near fresh air, birds, wind, and I contemplate where I have been, where I might go, and who I am. My 33rd was year a large uterine tumor was found in me, removed, and the week before I was diagnosed
with MS. Went blind. Bought my 1st home w/partner, a year I'll never forget. To love and be loved is all that matters.

the fruitfemme said...

Well, happy belated birthday! Stumbled onto your blog & glad I did. Nice place you've got here.

Grumpy Granny said...

Happy Birthday, wise woman!