Sunday, December 09, 2007

Soft Sheets, Jeans that Fit and a Bracelet that Makes me Seem a Little More Butch. Birthday Gifts Thus Far.

My birthday isn't for 2 more days but I celebrated early due to having to work, like most folks, on the actual day. So I budgeted some presents for myself that I felt we're not only desired but in a way needed.

I knew I needed some new Levi jeans because I've gained a little weight since falling in love and have gone up a size (or two) in the last year. Levi's are the only jeans I wear and to boot I always wait to get them on sale. Luckily for me I found 2 pair not only on sale, but got a free $10 gift card that I can use toward whatever, with the purchase of the pants. The new jeans look great, feel comfortable and as Levi's are known for, make my butt look yummy!

For months I've been craving a new bracelet. I wished for something a bit more chunky yet versatile. I figured that a wrist decoration would be a perfect present to my self for my birthday. Usually I go to Portland's Saturday Market for fun hand crafted stuff. But before I could make the trip I found my bracelet at one of my favorite local stores Za Zen. That place is my new favorite boutique for many reasons. It's first off got stylish, comfortable clothing that is low maintenance and best yet...affordable. Plus the selections of clothing and accessories are unique and fun. So I stooped in Thursday to see what was new there and found a really fun leather bracelet made from an old belt. Since I love recycling and it's chunky and smells good I tried it on. All I can say way from the moment I put it on my wrist it felt like it was meant for me. When I took it off my skin felt as if it were missing something.

And too boot a co-worker yesterday though it looked kinda butch. How fun!

A number of years ago I discovered the joy of high thread count bed sheets. I stayed over at a friends after a surgery and on the guest bed was a set of butter colored, buttery feeling sheets. I asked her about them & she explained they were 600 thread count sheets. She claimed they were old and needed new ones. I thought if sheets could feel that amazing yet needed to be replaced, I had to get some for myself. Soon I had some lovely 300 thread count sheets and was excited for the day I could get even softer ones. Discussing high thread count sheets with another friend about 3-4 years ago I learned that Pima & Egyptian cotton sheets were the best to go with, and in particular the ones made in Italy too.

I had sold my small full size bed when I had a woman's size girlfriend and needed a bigger bed, so I had to get new sheets & could only afford 250 threaders at the time. So for the last few years I've really wanted higher thread count sheets but didn't splurge. So at long last on Friday I got some Egyptian 400 thread count sheets. They feel so good on my skin. My beloved has never had high thread count sheets & feels totally spoiled. And we are though I must admit if I can ever get my hands on 800+ thread count sheets I'll go for it. For now though finding this lovely set for a mere $30 bucks at Ross is cool with me.

Today I received the 2nd of B-Day gifts from others that I really wanted/needed. My sweetie got me a lovely set of cast iron skillets. Something happened to my lovely one a couple years ago when my not-so-smart ex. soaked the pan overnight in water. Needless to say the skillet I so lovingly seasoned myself was no longer of use. So I'm excited to make some iron rich foods for the holidays with those pans.

Also my wonderful pal Zee got me something I really needed. She & my sweetheart went out to dinner Friday night and at the restaurant I opened my brand new Designer Envelope system created by Dave Ramsey. Now it will be a whole lot easier to stick to my budget & track my expenses. This gift was truly one I will utilize & treasure!

Thus far I'm enjoying December. Many gifts I have received and how absolutely grateful I am for them & the wonderful riches I'm blessed with. So with that here's a gift for my readers. Well it's not really a gift but something that's fun that I wish to share. The Real does a bunch of hip-hop comedy sketches & I like this one. It's called Failed Hip-Hop Ideas. And the only child one is hysterical. Enjoy!

Failed Hip-Hop Ideas from jeff on Vimeo.

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