Friday, January 18, 2008

Oh Joy! It's Linkin' Friday

This week my sweetheart & I went with much anticipation to Dove Vivi a new pizza place on NE Glisan. And let me tell y'all this place did not disappoint. We had two different halves of pies. One was the Corn that had corn (obviously!), marinated & roasted onions, smoked mozzarella & chives. The other half was the Sausage that had... oh you know sausage (that was house made). It also had marinated green peppers, onions, mozzarella & tomato sauce. God lawd the pizza was awesome. A definite 10. And in my humble opinion the cornmeal crust was the best I've ever had. So go there because if you don't you'll really miss out!

Two events are coming up that I'd like to share. One is this Monday at the Sisters of the Road at 2pm. It's their annual rally & march in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. and in celebration of non-violence. Gather at 133 NW 6th Ave. Coffee will available. For more click here.

On January 30th at Terry Shrunk Plaza on SW 3rd and Madison there will be a rally to defend equality. It's sponsored by Basic Rights Oregon and I urge everyone who cares about equal rights for all citizens to come and stand up. For more on the event go here. To sign the online pledge that you will attend click on this link.

Last is an article that we could file under the duh factor, but it's good to read if you have any trouble understanding why POC don't always like medical trials, or trust the medical industry. I know for me the day I was rolled into surgery & one of the surgeons was talking about his pet pig, I felt scared to death about what they might do to me while I was under the laser knife. Anywho check it out.


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