Sunday, January 20, 2008

Busy Fighting the Power

Holy crap my life just seems to get more & more full each day. And just when I had a moment of giving up, hope comes, as it always does. But as we know with hope comes action and boy do I have a lot of action going on.

Last week I did an interview with a QWOC in Portland who is amazing. In the process of working on it I've been contacted by the Oregon Students of Color Coalition (OSCC) to do a workshop on how to counter oppression for their yearly conference. I'm thrilled and honored to be asked. Now there hard part is doing the work behind something I've never done before. I've been a part of holding workshops but have never done one on my own. But as I've learned on my own is never really that. Because I'm surrounded by amazing people who have done workshops & are willing to guide me in this process. Yay!

So for a bit the interview is on hold for a while but know QWOC readers that starting soon there will be regular interviews with amazing queer women of color, so we all can connect that much more.

On a side note I also this week finished knitting two scarves, started a new one and implemented a new feeding schedule for my cat. Woo hoo!

Oh and of fighting the power I think one of the most useful tools in doing such is humor. With that enjoy a classic Eddie Murphy skit on SNL. Peace!

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N said...

Congrats on your workshop. I'm sure you'll rock it! I linked your page on my site. I look foward to reading your future interviews. I post interviews on my site too; they mostly focus on women's views on same-sex marriage.

Peace and happy King Day!