Saturday, February 23, 2008

Friday Links on Saturday. Oh Well

It's been yet another busy fawking week in February. For a short month, I feel like it's been really action packed. In fact I should be writing my article for Just Out but had to update the blog I love so. So here we go.

Boka Marimba is coming! I love their shows because I dance like the freaking fool I can be. So check them out next Saturday at the Imago Theater.

An excellent post by Tami in the Midwest from her blog What Tami Said. She discussed being a Black woman and how in terms of being considered a woman and getting the same chivalry from white men is hard to come by if your not white. The post went to the heart of some of my own experiences as a WOC especially when I was less secure of my own beauty. I found her post via Racialicious (of course because it's the best blog ever!) and made a comment about on of my own moments in high school you can read here. Anywho very good post & food for thought!

Also via Racialicious was a post by Wendi Muse about fashion designer Kenneth Cole's latest campaign and I LOVE IT! It's called "We All Walk in Different Shoes" and features folks who are not models but very beautiful & were his items well. The front cover of his website features a picture of a little boy in between two sets of beautiful women's legs. All you see are great shoes, great legs & a cute little boy. Well the legs belong to a married lesbian couple who are this child's parents. What a way to start the website show. On the left side of the site you can click a button that says "Non uniform thinkers click here" and that's where you'll find a brilliant campaign and great fashions too boot. You need to see it to believe it. But included are a woman who is HIV +, a Black man in a wheelchair, a very handsome Sikh and an undocumented Latina. As soon as I can afford some of his fashions I'm going to by some stuff from Kenneth Cole for sure!

Okay that's it from me for now. Hope y'all are having a groovy weekend!

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