Monday, February 18, 2008

Susie Bright Has Nice Legs

One of the perks of my job is getting to meet authors. Some of the authors I like & others I don't. Now I never discuss on this here bloggie the ones I don't care for because I have heard of Dooce. So tonight I'm sharing about one writer/editor/sexpert/mom/feminist I was glad to meet and that is none other than Susie Bright. Sadly for her a minute or two into our chatting I began to grill her on why the Best American Erotica series only had white folks on the covers. I mean hey, out of 15 years one would think at least one cover would have a POC on it. She was truthful about how she felt about the covers and what the deal was with them & her answer satisfied me. Then I asked about how she was this famous lesbian but is now partnered with a dude. Gosh I hope I didn't overwhelm her.

Anyhow it was lovely to meet an author whose work I actually own & respect. And too boot she has awesome legs! It was hard for me not to stare at them during the reading tonight. So later, after the reading was over & her fans dwindled I asked if she'd take a picture with me. She suggested a pic of our legs and honestly I was thrilled! So without further ado, a view from my camera phone of my & Susie Bright's legs. Enjoy!


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