Wednesday, February 06, 2008

This Vanity Fair Cover is Yucky

Can someone explain to me why Vanity Fair and photographer Annie Leibowitz decided this was a good cover? Not only are the colors not very exciting or flattering to the majority of the ladies but the photo is clearly racist.

Some explain why the woman with the darkest skin, Zoe Saldana, is the only one wearing a swimsuit? I suppose for Vanity's sake they feel they're damned if they do include women of color and damned if they don't. But to include this actress, regardless of her talent in the one & only outfit that would not be acceptable to wear at a ball, like the other women in the photo (or walking down the street for that matter) because she's wearing a freakin' swimsuit! *sigh*

More thoughts at Jezebel on this.

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divebarwife said...

The very pale white woman in the upper left corner is also wearing 'swimsuit.'

And it would appear that the wrap Zoe is holding could be tied into a skirt.