Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Life is Good!

So much to celebrate! So much to do. And that means it's extra important to have down time to relax. So I've taken this Friday off to have a 3 day weekend and chill with my boo & meditate on the lovely changes that are coming into my life.

First things first. Pics of the rally for equality sponsored by BRO. I'm sorry it took so long to to get around to uploading them & they're not that great of pics, but you get the idea of how many folks stood in the rain to show they care about all families.

And of course best of all starting yesterday same sex couples are able to get civil unions! I don't really care for the term domestic partnerships so in the future I'll say civil union but y'all will know I mean "domestic" partnerships. My beloved & I are going to get legal at the end of the month! Yay!

The workshop I did for OSCC went well I think. Though I was nervous & as usual forgot entirely what I was talking about at one point, it seemed folks got was I was sharing for the most part & I hope I get asked back next year. Though I didn't get to see much at the conference due to friends coming into town from Pendleton, I had fun!

Tonight my brother in-law to be is coming over for a celebration of his 25th birthday. He doesn't know this but we have some suprises in store!

Okay so even more about me, soon you'll be able to see my name in lights! Okay not really but yesterday I got my first assignment from Just Out and will be writing for them on a regular basis. I'm really excited to stretch my wings & hopefully write things for my queer sisters & brothers in Oregon that they find interesting. March will be when my first article comes out so stay tuned!

Next week on valentines day the Q Center is having an event that is near & dear to me. QDocFest will be showing the film Brother Outsider at 7:30pm. The movie is about one of my all time favorite activists Bayard Rustin. He not only organized the well known March on Washington but had the courage to be an out gay Black male activist. His story deserves our attention so please stop by the Q Center on February 14th. What a way to experience the love & peace he has brought to us all by coming on down that night. Also I'll be there speaking on a panel about the queer Black experience. So ya know, please stop by!

Finally my best gal pal in Portland Zee made the cutest film of her dog Rennie running around chasing a remote controlled car. Too cute! Here it is.

I have not forgotten about featuring Sylvester or the awesome QWOC interview. They're a coming so stay with me. Hope all y'all and enjoying the glow of a little bit more equality this week. I know I am! Peace!

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