Sunday, August 06, 2006

Teddy Madness

Though this story has been in circulation for a bit I have to pass it on. See the link to the title here to my pal Lindseys blog for more details. My pal Marissa called be & left the news of the dog who ate the precious cargo it was meant to protect. Even Elvis the bear got it in the end (ha ha).

Anyway today my leg is still better but hurts a tad after shopping with a friend this afternoon. Ahh well. Soon it shall heal. Yay!

And an interesting update as far as mi familia goes. My ma & I quasi debated about 2 weeks ago about my uncle Don not liking me. I told her I felt he didn't like me because he's uncomfortable with the gay thing. She got mad at me & even hung up on me trying to "defend" him. So she did what all moms addicted to drama do, she told him that I said I didn't think he likes me. Well he went quite & his wife said he was shy. Which was my ma's initial defense. But I noted he's NOT shy with other members of our family or his church pals(btw he belongs to this kinda fundamentalist christian church that tells them not to associate with anyone who is not in their religion)(whack). So in the early part of last week my ma calls to tell me I was right (which I usually am-for serious!) & that he sent her a letter telling her he wished I'd change. So finally after all these years with him ignoring me I at least now know what his deal is & can rest in that knowledge. So my uncle's a biggot. I still love him. What else can I do? Being angry won't help. Just for today like all other days, I'll just remain true to myself. Peace out!

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