Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Bash for Alzheimers

My good pal John is having a bash in honor of his store Decades Vintage Company turning 10 years old. The party will take place at Stumptown Coffee's downtown location at 128 SW 3rd Ave. November 25th at 8pm is when the event occurs. There is a request for $10 dollar donations at the door that will go to the Alzheimer's Association of Oregon. I'll personally be there pimping raffle tickets & working the door. There will be treats, beverages & several DJ's to keep the party flowing. All in all it will be fun & of course a celebration!

When I met John several years ago our first conversations were about our love of vintage clothing. There is still not a week that goes by where at least one outfit has plenty of vintage jewelry or clothing to it. And what I've always loved about his store (which I have worked at part time in the past & sometimes on-call in the present) is the quality. Check out this Q&A with Brian Libby. Many things may seem expensive to the Goodwill shopper because John only sells clothing that has no rips or tears, has all it's buttons & often has NEVER been worn. Most vintage stores in town can't say that! Quality vintage is worth it's weight in gold & then sometimes when you're a busy woman like me & need clothing that doesn't need repairs it's nice to have a place to find great vintage at decent (but not cheap, he does have to make a living) prices.

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