Friday, November 03, 2006


I just finished reading Marley & Me by John Grogan. This was not the most well written book and unlike most of the folks who have discussed it with me, I did not cry. Emotional though for sure. Maybe no tears came because the yellow lab I once knew liked to eat his own shit that had been hardened by cold weather. But the emotional part is about how much of an animal person I am & the pets I've lost & someday will lose.

My cat Bebes is the love of my life. I love him more than anyone or anything. And last week I realized one day he would not be in my life. I mean hopefully many, many years from now he'll go to kitty heaven after having a full & happy life. But I mean I had to grasp the fact that he & I can't grow old together. He's over 6 now and as wonderful as ever. He's also an indoor/outdoor cat. He has to be free to come & go. Even though there are those times I get scared to the point of the full body shakes when he doesn't come home right away when I call him, I have to let him be a cat. He's my beloved baby who shows me unconditional love. My own mother once told me "be careful don't love your cat too much." But I cannot help it. Animal lovers understand this. Bebes comes when I call him, lays on my chest to nap with me, gives me kisses & is always there when I'm sad. He makes my world full & has even saved my life once or twice. Two days away from him now & I miss him dearly. I feel it deeply. Tonight I get to go home to my little guy & cuddle & chase him & hold him in my arms as he lays on his back & purrs.

Well enough of that. So thanks again to Zee I have a spiffy link for you. It's the NaBloPoMo Randomizer. This is a great thing because it's kinda hard to figure out which blogs to even start to explore with this NaBloPoMo event. Now you don't have to think. Just click your way to the goodness.

Zee. Congrats! I love you!

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Sara said...

Great to finally meet you tonight - congrats a wee bit early :) See you & Mary tomorrow hopefully!